Contact Lenses

At Design Eyewear, we recommend the following contact lenses:

An extensive range of single use disposable, as well as PureVision2 HD from Bausch + Lomb, Air Optics from Alcon, and Acuvue Oasys from Johnson & Johnson.







Contact lense use, made easy

Some people find the idea of changing from glasses to contact lenses a bit daunting, but if you follow these steps it should become second nature in no time.


Inserting lens

• Wash your hands with non-oily soap, then dry with low-lint towel or tissue.

• Use good light and magnifying mirror if needed, as well as glasses if near vision is poor.

• Set lens on tip of index finger, with just enough liquid contact underneath so it sticks to your finger. (Too much and it will not transfer to your eye, too little and it may drop off.)

• To get the liquid contact right, transfer the lens from one finger tip to another, dabbing the fingers on a dry tissue in between. Check lens is not inside-out by observing profile of outer rim. It should look very curved.

• Turn target eye away from mirror and look sideways across nose bridge to mirror.

• Use other fingers on lens hand to lower the eyelid and to steady your hand.

• Lifting elbow, bring fingers of your other hand over the top to hold upper lid open.

• Make these grips as close to the lashes as possible for best control — dry fingers!

• In this forced open position you only have a short time to get the lens onto the white of the eye.

• Watch carefully to make sure lens goes between open lids without touching lashes.

• The lens is placed onto eye (don’t push or slide). The whole of the lens should touch simultaneously.

• Lift finger off and immediately look back towards lens before releasing lids.

• Check lens is in and secure by covering your other eye and checking vision.


Removing lens

This can be done one of two ways:

• As the reverse of the above, by sliding the lens towards your ear while looking sideways, then pinching it off the white of your eye.

  • Use index finger to slide and bring the lens to the thumb tucked into the corner.


• Alternatively, and possibly a better way, is to pinch the lens directly from the cornea, holding the eyelids open if needed.

• Take a wide grip to buckle lens in centre and break the surface tension that holds it onto the eye.

• This may be difficult if lens is dry, and wetting drops will help.


Lens life

• Only wear your lenses for the time recommended by the manufacturer or optometrist.

• Replace as recommended.


Lens case care

• Once you have put your lenses in your eyes rinse the case and lids and leave them open to air dry. Cover them loosely with a tissue if dust is likely.

• When you put your lenses back into the case, always use new storage solution.

• To keep the case and lids clean, occasionally scrub with a toothbrush or simply replace.