Fashion Frames

At Design Eyewear, we pride ourselves on having a unique selection of frames that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s our aim to always offer our clientele a wide range to suit most tastes and budgets.

As well as the fabulous frames on display, there are quite a few hidden gems in the drawers, some ranging down to bargain basement prices! So please ask our staff, and we’ll do our best to find something fabulous for you.

Our suppliers include: Anne et Valentin, Boz, Ermenegildo Zegna, Ete, Face a Face, Gold & Wood, ic Berlin, JF Rey, Jono Hennessy, Lindberg, Mexx, Moscot, Oga, Orgreen, Prodesign, Roger Henley and Traction Productions.

You’ll find our major suppliers listed below, with a bit of information on each. And if you’d like a more indepth look at their products, simply click on the link.

Anne et Valentin
Face a Face
Gold & Wood
ic Berlin
JF Rey


Lindberg                       Minimalist Scandinavian design

LINDBERG_9505AAll Lindberg eyewear forms a part of an individualised system that allows for ‘tailor-made’ eyewear — from colour and shape, to size and features. Minimalist Scandinavian design, light-weight titanium, patented screw-less hinge technology and a large array of unique colours, shapes and sizes are all hallmarks of this premium eyewear brand. TAKE A LOOK…


Anne et Valentin          Eclectic and highly distinctive

anne-et-valentinAnne et Valentin’s mission statement is to: ‘express the essence of every individual through their choice of eyewear’. For over fifteen years, they have been designing their frames in the spirit of constant renewal of colour and form, whilst maintaining balance between a respect for eyewear tradition and non-conformism. Their designs mix geometric cuts with bold colours and playful use of materials to produce eclectic and highly-distinctive frames. TAKE A LOOK…


J.F. Rey                         Off-beat individuality

jfreyKnown for their distinctive modern and innovative designs, this French label is not about being fashionable. Their frames boldly assert one’s right to be totally off-beat and to express their individuality right up to the tips of their temples.  Their uninhibited approach to frame design results in frames that do not so much demand attention from the observer, but scream out its presence.


Face a Face                            Inspired by architecture

face-a-faceDesigned and made in France, Face a Face was first created in 1995 inspired by architecture. Like architects, the designers experiment with volume, texture, shape and colour to express the personality and moods of the wearer. The frame concepts are also influenced by current trends in fashion and culture, and this brand has a devoted following all around the world. TAKE A LOOK…


Gold & Wood                 Natural, sustainably-sourced materials

gold-and-woodThis luxury label is truly for aficionados of elegant, handcrafted eyewear, elevated to art piece status due to their fine craftsmanship at Gold & Wood’s Luxembourg atelier. Recognising the disconnect between modern life and our natural environment, Gold & Wood strives to bring its wearer back in touch with the world that surrounds us, by fusing their pieces with natural and sustainably-sourced  materials such as wood and buffalo horn. TAKE A LOOK…


ic! Berlin                        Lightweight and flexible

Founder Ralph Anderl’s vision for his company places firm emphasis on quality, with a ‘less is more’ approach which has defined their brand since 1999. Their patented screw-less hinge design underpins all their collections and allows the creation of lightweight, flexible frames for which they are famous. Designed to be comfortable, wearable and durable, the technical nature of the designs results in frames that continue to look modern for years to come. TAKE A LOOK…